Hi! My name is Peter.

I am a professional software developer and I absolutely love what I do. I have a lot of fun learning things about software and everything related to it.

My favorite programming language is C, but I am also fluent in Java, Python, and am currently picking up Rust and x86 assembly.

My current software-related interests are OpenGL with C, game hacking, disassembling binaries, and turning Vim into a powerful IDE. I'm currently reading "Learn OpenGL - Graphics Programming" by Joey de Vries and "Foundations of Game Engine Development: Volume 1 Mathematics" by Eric Lengyel. Up next on my reading to-do list is "Practical Binary Analysis" by Dennis Andriesse, and "The Ghidra Book" by Chris Eagle and Kara Nance.

Some of my long-term career goals include becoming proficient with OpenGL, create my own personal (and maybe one day public) game engine framework in C, reverse binaries for security or curiosity purposes, and just in general just be able to write reliable, performant software (preferably in a lower-level language like C!).

I love obsessing over my development environment. Vim is my go-to editor and I'm constantly tweaking my .vimrc and .bashrc to get the perfect setup. I've got a Thinkpad x220 as well as a System76 Oryx Pro (oryp5) laptop both using Linux. I use i3-gaps as a window manager combined with KDE to enjoy all of the bells and whistles that brings. If you're curious, you can check out all of my dot files in the "Environment" repository on my GitHub page!

Below are some projects I've made or contributed to, but you can see more at my personal GitHub profile here or my professional GitHub here!



The Corkboard project allows users to create, read, update, and delete Events, Pins, and FAQs to easily stay organized and keep up-to-date with their communities and groups all while staying within the comfort of their Discord server.

The Corkboard project consists of two applications:

First is the corkboard-server, a Rust back-end that uses the Rocket framework to create REST endpoints and the Diesel framework which acts as an ORM in conjunction with a Postgres database.

The second project, corkboard-bot, is a Discord bot that interacts with the corkboard-server project as a REST client to enact CRUD operations through simple commands.

Simply Scriptor 2 is a general purpose scripting program that records and simulates keyboard and mouse input. Simply Scriptor 2 runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS (through a more simplified, command line tool) and is made with Rust. You can view the GitHub project here and download the latest release here.

Webserv is a simple, multi-threaded HTTP server with SSL support made with Rust. Webserv is also currently being used to host this very website! View the source code for webserv here.

Follow along with my OpenGL learning path here.

Simply Scriptor is a lightweight, all-purpose scripting program for Windows. Simply Scriptor reads a list of commands from a text file and executes mouse and keyboard inputs based on the commands given. You can view and download the latest releases here.

Simple DLL injector for windows. Choose a process to inject and the dll to inject with. Check out the source code here.

Written with C using Allegro libraries, Blasteroids is a modern Asteroids-like game where you control a ship and survive by dodging, shooting, and destroying oncoming asteroids! You can download and play the latest release from here.

Fun with line patterns using sine and cosine! Fill in the values and watch as the interesting pattern develops! You can download and try it out yourself here.

Protect the parking lot! In this game you must defend the cars from oncoming, eager birds. Click and drag the slingshot to shoot at the flocks of fowls. Press 'R' to restart or 'Escape' to quit. You can download this game here.

BirdGame is a simple Flappy Bird clone programmed in C# using WPF. Download here.

TEdit is a simple text editor that you can use to open, edit, and save .txt files. Download here.

Numeric File Renamer is a small program that allows you to quickly rename large amounts of files with numbers. Enter the starting number, choose the directory, and click rename. You can download this program here.


Thanks a ton for viewing my portfolio website! If you'd like to get in contact with me for any reason at all (I like jokes and stories!), please send me an email and I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

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